Official Eleuthera Harbour Island brings you more information on Central Eleuthera. Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, a harbourside botanic garden with birdlife, and the French Leave Beach, a white-sand shoreline, are popular spots among tourists. Governor’s Harbour and Savannah Sound are the major settlements in Central Eleuthera.

Signature places and experiences of Central Eleuthera – The signature places of Central Eleuthera are the Ten Bay Beach, Windermere Island, Double Bay Beach, Eleuthera Island Farm, Helios House, Double Bay, and the popular kayaking spot, Edwin’s Turtle Lake Marine Reserve. We recommend visiting Governor’s Harbour, Gregory Town, and North Palmetto Point since it would be perfect for a day trip. Fishbone Tours will create a fun, memorable experience if you want to try Bone and Reef fishing.

Things to do in Central Eleuthera – Some of the popular activities in Central Eleuthera are scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and bone fishing. If you want to see wild hermit crabs, visit the beautiful Twin Coves Beach.

Vacation rentals and resorts – Some of the top-rated vacation rentals in Central Eleuthera are in North Palmetto Point, Governor’s Harbour, and Savannah Sound. Most rentals and resorts are located minutes away from the pink-sand beaches.

Bars and restaurants in Central Eleuthera – Highly-rated restaurants in Central Eleuthera by tourists are Fishbone’s Beach Bar & Grill in Savannah Sound, Tippy’s Restaurant in Governor’s Harbour, Ronnies Hi-D-Way bar, and Queen of Tart’s restaurant.

Souvenir shops in Central Eleuthera – Here are the three souvenir shops in Central Eleuthera:

  1. Norma’s, a gift shop in Governor’s Harbour, sells quality tees for affordable prices.
  2. Valeries Souvenirs and Sewing gift shop sells handbags, artwork, jewelry, and clothing items.
  3. The Tea Kettle Gift shop and cafe has a display of environment-friendly cloth bags, woven baskets, necklaces, colorful tees, and handcrafted scented candles.