Official Eleuthera Harbour Island brings you more information on South Eleuthera. The world-famous Ocean Hole, Cathedral Cave, and the Lighthouse Beach are some of the top sights in South Eleuthera. According to locals, the south is quieter and less crowded than North Eleuthera. 

Signature places and experiences of South Eleuthera

Some of the must-visit places in South Eleuthera are Lighthouse Beach, Ocean Hole, Whiteland Beach, Cotton Bay, Cathedral Cave, Winding Bay Beach, and Castle Macmillan. The Ocean Hole is more than 600 ft deep, where tourists swim or feed the fish. Once you jump in, you can use the ladder to get out. South of the Ocean Hole is the Cathedral Cave. The cave has ample natural light and openings on the ceiling. It will take 30-60 minutes for the exploration. 

Things to do in South Eleuthera

Some of the popular activities in South Eleuthera are fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, and snorkeling. The boating services have certified scuba diving staff and boat captains who ensure your safety while performing these activities in the water.

Vacation rentals and resorts

In South Eleuthera, there are many rentals and resorts. Use Airbnb or book a luxurious stay at a resort; there is a place that suits every budget. The highlight of your stay is the fresh ocean breeze and the beach minutes away from your hotel room or the rental unit. 

Bars and restaurants in South Eleuthera

Freshly prepared conch salad and Sky Beverage are a must when visiting Eleuthera. Some popular restaurants are Frigate’s Bar & Grill, Wild Orchids Waterfront Restaurant, and Northside Restaurant. 

Souvenir shops in South Eleuthera

Sand dollars, wall art, paintings, and handcrafted items are perfect souvenirs. Before leaving the island, visit Eleuthera Blue Seahorse Giftshop and Tri-gems gift shop that sells local Bahamian arts and crafts.