Absolute must do and check before sailing to the Bahamas

Experienced captains know and understand Bahamas waters, they can read the shade of colors and estimate depths. Waters in the Bahamas can be unforgiving if captains don’t keep a good level of attention and do not prepare their trip precisely.

Boating in the Bahamas is a fantastic experience but it should be done methodically in order to reduce any risks we created a checklist that boaters should follow to ensure a stress and problem free trip.

– Check and verify the vessel before departure
– Check that boat is properly insured in the Bahamas
– Accurate GPS, backup gps
– Make sure you understand weather winds and tides
– Have essential spare parts and tools on board
– Have a significant boating experience or hire a knowledgeable captain in bahamas
– Floating safety inflatable boat in case of emergency
– Have all required safety device such as fire extinguishers, visual signaling devices
– Medicine and first aid kit onboard
– Emergency transmitting signaling devices

before sailing Bahamas