Is it safe to boat in the Bahamas?

In the 80’s and 90’s it was not that safe to boat in the Bahamas, there were quite a few stories of crime issues in the water with US speed boats being stolen by bahamians. Boats have been used a lot for smuggling in the Bahamas. But the time of Pablo Escobar has passed and cruising in the Bahamas is much less adventurous.

Nowadays the situation is way calmer on the wonderful bahamian waters however boaters should always be careful. Risks if any are extremely limited, US boats yachts are allowed to keep weapons on board just in case. Stay amongst other boats when anchoring or at marinas and you will be 1000% safe. The only word of caution is when you dock in New Providence with its capital Nassau, boaters should increase their cautiousness. Nassau is known to be a violent city with crime, tourist areas are safe but tourists should not venture out in the unknown.

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