Electrical outlets in Bahamas

Electrical outlets in Bahamas are 60 Hertz and 120 volts. The standard plugs used are Type A and Type B plugs in which case appliances from North American are fully compatible. Type A plug has two flat side-by side pins. Type B plug also has the two flat parallel pins and an additional round grounding pin. View the photos below of Type A and B plugs and the standard Electrical outlets in Bahamas Harbour Island:

electrical outlets harbour island

If you are traveling to Harbour Island from Europe you will need both a converter and adapter in order to use any of the appliances that you bring with you. Some hotels on the island may have 220 volt electrical sockets and possibly some of the vacation homes. However, to be safe we suggest calling the hotel or home owner prior to your arrival to verify if the property is running electricity through 120 volt or 220 volt sockets.

Voltage varies with location, however, and some places in the islands may have 220 volt electrical service. Call your hotel ahead of time to find out which system they use.

Electrical service in Harbour Island is generally reliability. The power plant located in Downtown Harbour Island was upgraded in November 2016. However, many of the resort hotels and some of the vacation home rentals do their own generators.