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Official Eleuthera Harbour Island brings you information on Central Eleuthera. Central Eleuthera is among the Bahamas’ divisions. It is recognized for its nice scenery and easygoing Bahamian vibe. This mile-long  land is surrounded by azure and blue-colored waters that provide a variety of tropical vacation activities. Fishing, snorkeling, shelling, and surfing are the most common activities.

Vacation in Central Eleuthera is no less than a refreshing adventure for the soul. As this area is known for its Bahamian vibe let’s explore some of the best beaches:

– Airport Beach – Airport Beach is located at a stunning pinkish seashore on the coastal ocean. The coastal may be rough somehow, but you are guaranteed that it is really a fantastic spot to surf on a serene day.

– Bay Beach—An embodiment of the essence of the Caribbean. This shoreline is tranquil and makes it perfect for kids. It is also fantastic for seashells, swimming, diving, and splashing.

– French Leave Beach – It is one of the most popular beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and the most striking beach on this island. Swimming and snorkeling are very popular activities on this lovely sandy beach. The outlying corals, especially on the Oceanic shore, keeps the sea relatively relaxed and quiet. Don’t miss the chance for a bite and a drink by Beach House Bar while touring this amazing beach.

– Twin Cove Beach – On the East coast side of Eleuthera, Twin cove is a distinctive and picturesque beach. It got its name because of a tiny section joining the main Island to the Bluff Cay that separates two coves. Boating and fishing are both feasible.


Eleuthera’s high season spans from December to April, when folks from colder regions travel to the Bahamas to chill and enjoy some sunshine. But for sure, you should be getting ready to make more for accommodations, canoe rentals, and tickets.

If you are not ready to pay more, then visit in the autumn for the best hotel rates and water-sports package bargains, when the beach is often placid and pleasant. However, the storm season stretches from June to November, with the highest probability of storms occurring from August to October.

Central Eleuthera