Airport Beach

Central Eleuthera – Things to see

Official Eleuthera Harbour Island brings you information on Airport Beach located in Central Eleuthera. Airport Beach is three miles long and can be walked barefoot. It’s also known as Navy Beach because the United States Navy established a base there. We enjoy taking long walks with our sandals in hand and our feet in the water for the majority of the time. The sand is fine, pink, and sturdy, ideal for long, unhurried walks. And if you start at the south end, you’ll have to walk six miles to the completion and back.

Airport Beach

There’s plenty of things to do at Airport Beach as swimming, playing frisbee or having a picnic.

– Swimming in the southern section is ideal because the beach remains shallow near to the shore, but keep in mind that this is the Atlantic side, and there can be some pretty good waves from time to time.

Although the water is mostly calm in the center section, there may be waves that knock you to the ground. It’s not a good feeling. Swim with caution in the northern section. North airport beach is just as gorgeous as the rest of the beach, but the water is rougher here and there is an undertow, therefore we do not advise swimming or snorkeling here.