James Cistern Beach

Central Eleuthera – Things to see

Official Eleuthera Harbour Island brings you information on James Cistern Beach located in Central Eleuthera.

Although not a huge settlement, James Cistern is at the heart of the island and is a welcome sight for exhausted travelers travelling north to south, just as it was many years ago for the early Eleutheran inhabitants.

The name comes from the covered well that inhabitants used to collect rainwater for drinking and bathing. Because there is no ground water on the island, people must rely on cisterns, converted ponds, or reverse osmosis sea water. Bottled water is expensive; thus everyone uses cistern water for everything except tourists.

James Cistern Beach

James Point is secluded, and the route to get there may be rough. It is recommended make the trip only in a dependable four-wheel drive vehicle. If you do make the trip to James Point, you will not be disappointed. The long beach and views are stunning, and you’ll most likely be the only ones there. When the wind is from the south and 3-ft to 10-ft waves are noticed, this is an excellent area for sunbathing, snorkeling, and even a little surfing. The water off the point is deep, making it a great place for large game sports fishermen.

Taking the short walk to the top of the seemingly short ridge, however, opens up a new universe. Huge waves pound the wearily towering cliffs. Whirlpools and waves nibble violently at the rocks, demanding surrender but being flatly denied. Such speechless moments come infrequently. This one is about a mile north of James Cistern and is easy to find. However, be cautious because there are no barriers or restraints at the top, and falling from the equivalent of a 10-story building is not advised.