Receiver's Beach

Central Eleuthera – Things to see

Official Eleuthera Harbour Island brings you information on Receiver’s Beach.

If you are trying to find a beach with calm and positive vibes, Receiver’s beach or Alabaster beach is the place to go. This beach is located in Central Eleuthera. Receiver’s beach is a beautiful place where you can relax and have some me-time. The beautiful view adds to the calmness of the environment. 

US Navy Base once surrounded the receiver’s beach, so you can still see the signs of the Navy around the area. 

Receiver's Beach

The secluded beach is famous for its calm and peaceful environment. This soft powdery sand and the crystal-clear water are something that you can rarely see on any other beach. The water is shallow so it is safe for children to spend time in the water. Besides that, you can find some incredible animals at this beach, such as jellyfish and starfish. 

Some pine trees provide shade, and the cool winds make the environment very beautiful. The sunsets look incredibly gorgeous in the evening, and a person could sit and stare at it for hours. This is one of the best beaches to visit in Eleuthera.