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North Eleuthera – About

Official Eleuthera Harbour Island brings you information on North Eleuthera. North Eleuthera along with its Bluff, Lower Bogue, Upper Bogue, and Current towns are among the Bahamas’ divisions. It would be not wrong to say that North Eleuthera is a slice of heaven. The coastline of North Eleuthera is remarkable for its Sweeting Pond a distinctive natural area for travel and leisure.

Have you ever searched for the sexiest Beach in the world? North Eleuthera is the one you are looking for. Eleuthera is renowned for its gorgeous beaches and mellow Bahamian ambiance. Of course, it’s never too late to relax! Swimming, snorkeling, surfing, fishing, and boating are just the start of a fantastic land experience. To enjoy your trip to its fullest, you can tap into the following activities.


– Fishing Tour – North Eleuthera is known as fantastic fishing heaven where you can assemble more fish during seasonal periods but you can also collect them all the year. 

– Swimming Adventure – North Eleuthera has a transparent blue ocean that makes this island so appealing. Make a swimming adventure in this coastal ecosystem, alive with tropical fish, sharks, tortoises, crabs, and hundreds of different varieties of sea creatures.

– Adventure in Cage Tour – Make an adventure of swimming with sharks in a secure cage. Sense that captivating sight when whale sharks, bull sharks, and occasionally hammerhead sharks swim all around you. What a mesmerizing experience! 


Visit when you are ready to travel and have lots of leisure time to spend in North Eleuthera. It’s icing on the cake when it’s the time from May to October when you are free to travel because of reduced passengers, lower hotel rates, and shortened queues. However, when the weather is at its peak that is from March to May, there are a huge number of tourists causing an increment in hotel dues and waste of time while standing in the queues. 

North Eleuthera