Crown Pigeon Island & Cays

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Official Eleuthera Harbour Island brings you information on Crown Pigeon Island & Cays. This private island & cays are laying just off shore of North Eleuthera, in the northwestern Harbour.

Crown Pigeon Island has 11 acres of rich native flora, a small broadleaf coppice, native hardwoods and coastal plants, orchids, and kitchen vegetable gardens intermingled with the island’s walking and cart paths. The island features three natural beaches on its north, south, and west sides. The north beach has a beach club/bar/BBQ facility that is suitable for water sports and swimming in the gin clear water and powder white beaches.

Crown Pigeon Island & Cays

The island has over 12,000 square feet of well-built residences, cottages, and outbuildings. Featuring three huge, beautifully constructed Island Villas, two infinity pools, and five well-appointed guest cottages, all with commanding water views and vistas of adjacent Harbour Island and other islands in the harbour. 

You will find on the west side a sea turtle sanctuary. A marina also offers two boat lifts, a hauling ramp, a floating dock for easy arrival, and a yacht house. It is the best private island marina facility because it is located in the centre of the island.