Eleuthera Pineapple Farm Tour

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Official Eleuthera Harbour Island brings you information on Eleuthera Pineapple Farm Tour. Come and escape the frenetic lifestyle of the city! Walk around on the lovely pineapple farm, tropical fruit orchard, and vegetable garden to see nature at its best.

As you drive through Eleuthera’s local communities on your route to the farm, take in the simple beauty, sunshine, and spectacular vistas of our island. Visit old hatchet bay silos, historical church ruins, and government structures. The journey continues to the tropical fruit farms, where you will see a range of local crops such as banana, sour soup, sugar apple, papaya, and many others. PLUS, throughout your visit, enjoy the vegetables from the garden with whatever is in season.

Pineapples have traditionally been Eleuthera’s most well-known commodity, and the unusual appearance of this exotic fruit fascinates both inhabitants and visitors, leaving their taste buds begging for more. The seasoned farmer keeps this tradition alive in their daily routine and urges all young farmers on Eleuthera to conserve the indigenous pineapple and to continue planting. Many times, a talented farmer known as “Lady Di” is asked to provide pineapple tours, which she willingly does due to her affinity for pineapple cultivation.

Eleuthera Pineapple Farm Tour

If you visit during pineapple season, you will be able to sample some while on the farm and agree with many others that her pineapples are the sweetest on the island.

The tour consists of a leisurely 1/4 mile walk through the fields as you enjoy the simple beauty, sunshine, and breathtaking views of the pineapple farm, as well as the historic Hatchet Bay Silos (cylindrical structures) built in the 1930’s to store food for the animals from the Levy Farms / Hatchet Bay Plantation.

Although pineapple fruit is seasonal, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience as the tour guide takes you through a brief history of the Eleuthera Pineapple Industry, the entire growing cycle, and cultivation practices of the world-renowned “Sugar Loaf” sweet Eleuthera pineapple.