The Queen’s Bath

North Eleuthera – Things to see

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On the Atlantic side of Eleuthera, you will find natural hot tubs more commonly known as The Queen’s Bath. This is located just 0.6 miles south of the Glass-window Bridge in North Eleuthera. These rare formations are the result of centuries worth of pounding waves on the rock. They fill daily with water from the Atlantic Ocean which is then warmed by the sun making them an ideal temperature. 

The Queen's Bath

Choose your own adventure as you make your way to the different pools. Be one with nature as you soak up the Bahamian sun. Feel the energy of the waves crashing against the rocks. Imagine yourself in another world in these surroundings. Explore the many shells, small sea life and crashing waves. Feast your eyes on the huge limestone grottos and breathtaking views as you wade in crystal clear water.

As in any great adventure, it is best to protect your feet. Bring your water shoes or sneakers to comfortably enjoy this attraction. The best time to enjoy this natural spa is at low tide. 

You will find adventure and relaxation at this spot rated 4.5/5 stars on TripAdvisor.