Alice Town

North Eleuthera – Things to see

Official Eleuthera Harbor Island brings you information on Alice Town. Located in North Eleuthera, Alice Town is the best place for discovering some amazing beaches and landmarks, and the entire town is very quaint and friendly. Centered on the little bay, Alice Town is a dream come true for people who are yearning for a relaxing vacation. 

Alice Town is actually one of the best places in North Eleuthera to find exceptional restaurants, and there are bars, so you can enjoy a bit of the night and groove after an entire day of sunbathing. 

While you are packing your bags to visit this amazing piece of heaven on earth, there are some other activities that you must try out:

       – Dolphin House Museum – this is a three-story dolphin and ocean museum that’s constructed from recycled materials. There is a small shop for purchasing the souvenirs, and you will fall in love with the artistic yet highly unique infrastructure 

      – Radio Beach – there is no point in visiting Alice Town if you aren’t spending time on Radio Beach. Ranging from sea glass to unique seashells, there is so much to discover. In fact, you can get the lounge chairs and umbrella installed in the shallow part of the water and take a sunbath while dipping your feet in cool turquoise waters 

     – Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center – if you want to explore the aquatic destination of North Eleuthera while in Alice Town, you must visit this scuba center and take part in scuba diving to witness the aquatic beauty.

Alice Town

The best time to visit is whenever you can! That’s because this busy yet small town is home to amazing restaurants and bars, while there are two jetties on the lake that creates the most stunning harbor that’s meant to be seen and awed at. However, if you are particular about the weather, June, July, and August are the hottest months, while the later months are more pleasant with much cooler nights. So, make the decision and book that flight!