Gregory Town

North Eleuthera – Things to see

Official Eleuthera Harbour Island brings you information on Gregory Town. Gregory Town in North Eleuthera is a small town with a population of no more than 500 people. The people are living a simple life in small houses on the hillsides but are extremely courteous and welcoming. The town hosts the Glass Window Bridge on the north side of the town. 

Gregory Town is known as “Pineapple City” and was named after Governor John Gregory (Governor of the Bahamas in the 1950’s). The two main resorts here are The Cove and Cambridge Villas. This settlement has unexpected charm; some say it reminds them of Jerusalem or the Italian Riviera.

The annual Pineapple Festival was started in 1988 here by the Ministry of Tourism. When it was learned that Jensen Beach, Florida, also celebrated a Pineapple Festival, Gregory Town and Jensen Beach became official Sister Cities in July 1989. History shows that pineapples from Eleuthera helped start the pineapple industry in Jensen Beach in 1888.

Gregory Town

While Gregory Town is a heaven in itself, there is so much beauty around this small town that deserves to be seen and appreciated. So, while you are packing those bags for Gregory Town, don’t forget to note down these activities in your travel bucket;

– Twin Sisters Beach – this is a very small and lovely beach with no crowd, making it a great getaway. The beach is filled with neat shells, and the water is clear enough for you to see the reeds. In fact, it’s shallow, so you can take a dip or two.

– Lover’s Beach – if you are traveling with your partner, a short walk on Lover’s Beach from up the hill is all you want to have a peaceful experience. From the top, you will see the richness of the waves, while being closer to the turquoise water will give you a few showers – no regrets! 

– Day Activities – last but not least, if you are up for some adventure and activities, there are various day activities, ranging from drift snorkeling to surfing and kayaking.


Honestly, all these activities and places are a must if you want to witness the diverse breathtaking flora and fauna. Also, don’t forget to try out some local pineapples!

The weather timeline tends to vary in this Pineapple Capital. Usually, the temperature is hot and humid most of the year but remains pleasant. If you like beaches in the summer months, July, August, and September are the hottest months, but end-September also witnesses some rain showers (Gregory Town looks absolutely stunning in the rain).