Whiteland Beach

South Eleuthera – Things to see

Official Eleuthera Harbour Island brings you information on Whiteland Beach. Whiteland Beach is secluded, picturesque and one of the favorites beaches of Eleuthera visitors. One of the reasons the beach is so nice is that there are so many places to dine along the shore.

Eat, sleep close by, and sunbathe on the beach with the waves crashing. Listen to the breeze blowing through the palm leaves. Are we in the afterlife? No, it’s the Bahamas. Absolutely one of the best places you’ll ever visit!

Whiteland Beach

Walking into the water, you’ll notice an even, sandy bottom and numerous natural little coves to swim in. Swimming is enjoyable all day, but those who like walking should go in the mornings or evenings. Even lying on the beach has advantages! With its natural shadowing along and down the beach, the solitude is ideal for those of you in need of a quick escape.

On the northern end of Whiteland Beach, there is a lovely natural formation known as “The Blue Window.” Consider a cove with pristine water encased by a wind-beaten rock formation with a little “window” in the centre. You can see clear through the other side at midday and capture a great scene on video if the lighting circumstances are ideal.

Whiteland Beach features wonderful mangrove gardens that are quite private and have a tranquil ambiance for individuals who enjoy meditation.