Permit to acquire a property in The Bahamas


Official Eleuthera Harbour Island brings you more information on the permit to acquire a property in The Bahamas.

Under the International Persons Landholding Act, non-Bahamians are required to apply for a ‘Permit to Acquire Property’ for Bahamas Harbour Island and Eleuthera real estate if:

  • The property being purchased is larger than 2 acres
  • All or a portion of the property will be rented
  • The property is for commercial development

Buyer is required to pay a fee of BS $500.00 which must be paid directly to the Public Treasury.

Turn-around time
Once all documents are received by the Bahamas Investment Authority, it takes 30 days to receive a notice of approval. Once approved, you take the receipt as proof of payment to the Investments Board who then issues the Permit to Acquire Property.

Validity Expiration
Approval letters are valid for one year from the document date. Once the initial approval expires it must be reapplied for, if applicable.

Supporting Documents

  • Copy of government issued identification such as a Passport, Driver’s Licence, etc.
  • Written confirmation that due diligence has been completed to meet “Know Your Customer” requirements, pursuant to the Financial Transactions Reporting Act, 2000.
  • A certified current police record (or Sworn Affidavit where applicable) from country of residence
  • A current character reference
  • Copy of the site plan for the land being purchased
    Proof of Bahamas Immigration Status
  • Social security number or national identification number
  • Real property tax assessment number
  • Proof of payment of real property tax
  • A copy of the certificate of incorporation registration in the Bahamas is required, if the applicant is a Bahamian registered company
  • A current financial reference.
  • Source of wealth. If self-employed, you just state in which field and provide proof.

Download Bahamas Permit to Acquire Property here… 

For questions or more information regarding a Permit to Acquire Property’ for Bahamas Harbour Island real estate, contact the Bahamas Investment Authority at:

4th FLoor Cecil Wallace-Whitfield Centre
Cable Beach
P. O. Box CB-10980
New Providence
The Bahamas
Tel. (242) 327-5826-9
Fax. (242) 327-5806

Permit to acquire a property