Bahamas property inspection


Official Eleuthera Harbour Island brings you more information on the Bahamas property inspection process.

Although not required, it is important to have a Bahamas property inspection done when you buy Harbour Island and Eleuthera real estate. Why? Because a real estate transaction in the Bahamas is “caveat emptor” which means you buy the property as-is. In the Bahamas, a seller is not required to disclose any known issues with a property during a real estate transaction. While most sellers will point out any property flaws, a buyer should still take all possible precautions when buying Harbour Island real estate.

There other reasons why it’s important that a buyer have a property inspection in the Bahamas. Besides the usual problems that a home can have, termites are a big problem in the Bahamas. Flooding is also a problem in some locations due to the frequent tropical storms and hurricanes.

There are several reasons why it’s important to have a Bahamian property inspection done when you buy Harbour Island real estate.

Why you must have a Bahamas property inspection:

  • Bahamas real estate transactions are “caveat emptor”, meaning you buy as-is.
  • Termites are a big problem in the Bahamas
  • Flood potential or flood damage from tropical storms and hurricanes
  • Substandard construction
Bahamas property inspection