Spanish Wells

Spanish Wells – Things to see

Official Eleuthera Harbour Island brings you information on Spanish Wells. Ranging from white, soft, and powdery beach sand to shallow water, Spanish Wells is a great place for people who want to visit this heaven with kids. The shoreline is perfect for families while enjoying a bit of sun and water – who doesn’t love a good tan, right?

Located on Eleuthera’s northern coast, the place features beautiful beaches with a peaceful ambiance and softer sands. Honestly, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it an underdeveloped paradise because you can literally bask in the sun-drenched breaches for hours and take a drip in the sparkling waters. It’s an apt location for swimming, and since the tides are gentle, you can take your kids along as well. 

Spanish Wells is a remote place with nature oozing out of it, so it will be challenging to find the restaurants, which is why packing your own supplies is important, but a bit of hassle will be worth it. If you are worried about the activities, Spanish Wells has got you covered with the following options:

– Snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking…

– Fishing Charters – if you love fishing, this could be a fun activity for hunting lobsters as well as fishing and spearfishing

Spanish Wells

Spanish Wells is an epitome of perfection with its picturesque beach for swimming and sunbathing, and that too, in a secluded atmosphere, so you can enjoy the Caribbean water and Bahamian beaches in the purest form. Also, if you have to move around, use golf carts rather than cars because they are more laid-back, and you will be able to enjoy the breeze much better. 

If you are into the summer activities, the best time to visit would be from mid-March to late-May. On the contrary, if you want a colder time with more rainfalls, late-October to mid-November would be the best time for a pleasant and not-so-cold temperature.