Official Eleuthera Harbour Island brings you information on things to do in North Eleuthera. North Eleuthera stretches out across the Caribbean like a strewn ribbon over a blue and turquoise bedspread. It’s a long, slender island that stretches for over 100 miles yet never becomes wider than a few miles wide.

The Bahamas Archipelago consists of approximately 700 land masses, including the picturesque island. Its serpentine curve conceals coves and windswept beaches that are among the Caribbean’s most picturesque attractions.

Though the beaches on North Eleuthera are beautiful, the island also has a number of tourist activities that are ideal for thrill seekers.

Paddleboarding – Paddleboarding in North Eleuthera is a fun experience that you can enjoy with your friends or use it to socialize with other tourists. Furthermore, stand-up paddleboarding gives you a breath-taking view of what is down under the crystal-clear water. 

Activities for kids – Turtle creek, island tours, shelling by the beach, and building sandcastles are some of the activities that will keep the young minds energized and expand their thinking capabilities.

Fishing trips – In North Eleuthera, you can experience different fishing tours led by skilled and experienced fishermen/boat captains.

Shopping in North Eleuthera – Whether it is grocery shopping, shopping centers, or gift shops, you can find quality products at affordable prices in North Eleuthera.

Bars and restaurants – Enjoy some of the best restaurants in North Eleuthera. We recommend you to try Daddy Joe’s Restaurant.