There are a few sites on North Eleuthera that never get old: they have always dripped with heavenly perfection and will continue to do so. Here are some of the things to see in North Eleuthera:

1. The Glass Window Bridge: North Eleuthera’s glass window is in the narrowest part of the island. The remarkable contrast between the ocean’s navy blue and the turquoise water on the shallows is largely why this attraction is so hypnotic, separated only by a short sliver of land and a bridge.

2.Eleuthera’s Caves: Preacher’s Cave is the most frequently suggested cave in North Eleuthera due to its historical significance. After their catastrophic shipwreck on the hazardous shipping channel known as the Devil’s Backbone, it is remembered for providing both shelter and safety for the island’s early settlers. It is popular with visitors who like exploring it as well as swimming, snorkeling, and picnicking on the nearby beach.

3. Blue Holes: On the out islands, blue holes are a widespread geological feature. Sinkholes that appear to have no bottom lead to underwater caverns. The Bahamas boasts the world’s highest concentration of blue holes. There are several noteworthy ones on Eleuthera, including Sapphire Hole in North Eleuthera.