Certificate of registration


A non-Bahamian interested in buying real estate must submit their application to the Secretary to the Investment Board to register the property purchase. The Certificate of Registration enables non-Bahamians to register their purchase in The Bahamas without needing the prior approval of acquisition from the Government of Bahamas. 


Who needs to apply for the Certificate of Registration 

  • A non-Bahamian acquiring the lease—must be older than 21 years. 
  • Permanent resident of The Bahamas
  • A non-Bahamian who is inheriting the property
  • A non-Bahamian who is a mortgagee or receiving it through court order


Certificate of Registration Process

  • Complete Form 1
  • The applicant of the Certificate must pay the application fee to the Public Treasury
  • A copy of the fee receipt must be attached to the Certificate of the Registration form
  • The form must be submitted to the Secretary to the Investment Board along with the list of required documents
  • The application will be processed, and the applicant will be informed once the Certificate is ready for collection


Supporting Documents 

  • Copy of National Photo Identification, for example, passport, driver’s license, etc. 
  • Written confirmation that due diligence has been completed to meet “Know Your Customer” (KYC) requirements, according to the Financial Transactions Reporting Act, 2000. And a Copy of the completed KYC form
  • Latest police record or certificate from your current country of residence
  • Current character reference 
  • Copy of site plan and the size of land being acquired/purchased
  • Current Bahamas Immigration Status
  • Your Social Security Number or your National Identification Number
  • Your Real Property Tax Assessment Number
  • Evidence of current payment of Real Property Tax 
  • Your current financial reference 
  • Your source of wealth 
  • Complete copy that provides evidence that the stamp duty was paid
  • Copy of the application fee receipt 


Processing time 

The Certificate of Registration will take 30 days from the date of document submission.


More information

For more information, please visit the official website of The Government of The Bahamas

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