Architecture in Harbour Island, Bahamas

The Architecture in Harbour island is mostly bahamian or bahamian inspired. Owners are eager to maintain the traditional character of the Island . Most of the existing constructions date back from 50 to 70 years ago. The past 10 years saw a large number of real estate transactions to new owners. Some opted to build their new houses using a Bahamian inspired architecture using pastel or blue color adding the iconic chimneys that you will be able to observe everywhere.

Other owners such as Chad Oppenheim the renowned Miami architect or Mikey Drexler the entrepreneur behind JC Crew, or Eric Harari with La Palmeraie villas collection opted for a more modern architecture. Chad’s house is a minimalistic intriguing house on the Beach with an oversize Roof. Mickey’s house located in the Narrows was inspired by the aircraft’s wings. Eric’s Homes are inspired by asian architecture for Villa 1 and Villa 3 and a modern Californian style for the Villa 2.

Architecture in Harbour Island
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Architecture in Harbour Island
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