While seated on your comfortable lounge beach chairs vacationers will watch people walking or jogging on this wonderful pink sands. This is one of the best workout and magnificent activities.

Depending on your pace it may take from 90 minutes to 120 minutes to go back and forth from your starting point for a total of 6 miles. Active walkers will enjoy people watching, people visiting Harbour island are often described as beautiful people.

The view of the ocean is breathtaking with its different shade of blue, observing talented kitesurfers flying over the waves will undoubtedly retain your attention. Harbour island is known also for its incredible homes where vip’s and stars live, glancing through or imagining their lifestyle is a favorite pastime for “walkers”.

Dipping in the warm waters to pause the walk is a must do. Walking on the beach is an activity that is being performed by groups of friends or family as the perfect way to reconnect and to appreciate every moment. It can be done for the physical well being that it creates or as a way to meditate on “stuff”.