Car rentals in Harbour Island, Bahamas

Harbour Island in the Bahamas does not allow car rentals. If you do need a car for getting around Eleuthera, you can rent one and leave it on Eleuthera for your visits to that island. Harbour Island is very eco-friendly and only allows golf cart and bicycle transportation. Visit Harbour Island resort hotels without the worry of getting lost. This small island, only a half mile wide and 3 miles long, offers plenty to see and do without a car. Infact, you may start to enjoy living life without a vehicle.

Do not be concerned about not having a car. Truthfully, there’s nowhere to drive anyways! Everything is within walking distance or a short golf cart ride away. If you plan on visiting Harbour Island from Eleuthera in the Bahamas, be sure to forget your car keys!

Harbour Islands cars simply don’t exist. So lay back, relax, and take a stroll to enjoy the beutiful lifestyle that only Harbour Island has to offer visiting guests.

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