Best and worst periods for weddings in Harbour Island

The best time to get married in Harbour island

The best time to get married in Harbour Island corresponds also to the most expensive time to get married. The best weather in Harbour island is from the middle of January to the end of April. The Month of December can, even if it is a rare occurrence, be a little bit cold.
This period is the dry season without too much rain nor winds, it is definitely what one needs to organize a successful wedding since most events will be conducted outdoors or in a tent.
This period is also the busiest where people sometimes book their accommodation years in advance. Harbour Island is a very special place where aficionados of the island will not even consider going to the next door island, they are fixated on Harbour Island.

During peak season the following need to be taken in consideration:

– Rooms are at the highest rates
– Flight tickets are the most expensive
– If reservation are not done in advance rooms are hard to secure
– Restaurant reservations are difficult to book
– Richer couples may have already booked venues and their subcontractors
– It is the busiest season and therefore electricity cuts can happen

best period get married harbour island

The most challenging period to get Married in Harbour Island

The most challenging period to get married in Harbour Island Bahamas is definitely during summer time from June to Mid October. A Hurricane is a potential risk that may affect one of the most beautiful days of your life. Even if a hurricane can be anticipated days in advance and even if it is a rare occurrence it may lead to the wedding cancellation. Heat, rain, and wind are other elements that may play bad tricks on a wedding event. Most venues in Harbour Island are carried out outdoors and in tents. During summers tropical rains are short and frequent but can be annoying during weddings. As long as event planners can manage and modify schedule at the last minute should they find themselves in the middle of a rain event, a wedding can still be performed even if delayed for a few minutes.