Yacht Rentals in Harbour Island, Bahamas

Visitors in the Bahamas come for its beautiful weather and extraordinary waters. The most privileged visitors will discover the Bahamas from the water, either by traveling with their own vessel, or as part of a cruise line itinerary  or by renting a yacht for a few days. The Bahamas is ideally located at only 50 miles from the US which makes it a great destination from south  Florida. Visitors typically will charter a yacht either from Nassau or from Florida. 

There is a large number of yacht charter companies offering vessels for rent.  Rental rates of course vary drastically according to the age, type ( sail or motorized) and length of the vessel. The best way to charter a yacht is to start on the internet and to engage in discussions with several brokers until you find the right yacht at the right rate. Some yacht rentals are global companies, while others are located in Nassau or in Florida. Yachts are usually rented with the captain and its crew and can be rented for 1 or a few days. Renting a yacht starts from around $ 4 000 to $ 20 000 a day for larger yachts. For Super yachts rates grow exponentially.