Beach chair chilling in Harbour Island beaches is a must do. Relaxing with a book or with family or friends.

Beaches are long and are deserted in multiple spots. It will provide the feeling of being in a private paradise. Most hotels in Harbour island have private chairs for their clients on the beach. Luxury hotels on the beach such as the Pink Sands or the Dunmore Hotel do also provide food and beverages services for their guests. Other hotels such as Romora Bay just provide beach lounge chairs.

Some beach front homes such as La Palmeraie Bahamas also provide tiki huts with lounge chairs. Visitors that come for the day or stay in a vacation home can also enjoy lounge chairs being offered by companies such as Ms. Vs or Teejays Beach chair rentals.

Ms.V “ beach” is located between the Dunmore and The Ocean View Club Beaches.
Teejays Beach chairs is located between the Coral Sands hotel and the Pink sands hotel. Those companies offer more than lounge chairs, they rent also paddle boards or kayaks and propose drink and food

Ms. V Beach chair rentals: 242 554 66 83
Teejays beach chair rentals: 242 554 51 39