Catering in Harbour Island, Bahamas

Take a Break from Meal Planning and Enjoy Your Vacation in Harbour Island! Book a catering service for delicious and nutritious meals without hassle, and enjoy a truly relaxing and memorable vacation in this beautiful Island!

If you are spending your holidays in a vacation rental in Harbour Island , with family or friends, meals are quite an issue: you have to plan the meals , spend a lot of time in the grocery stores getting everything you need. Then you find yourself cooking or baking, and cleaning the mess when you just feel like taking a walk on the beautiful pink sand beach, having a good massage or a nice snorkeling session with your loved ones.

So just focus on what’s important: enjoying your time off.
The catering companies of Harbour Island will handle food preparation, service, and clean up. From breakfast to dinner they have a solution for all your vacation meals, and will create a customized menu based on your tastes and dietary requirements. The catering services of Harbour Island will take care of the grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning so you can kick back and relax.

sweet spot cafe harbour island
Sweet Spot Café

The Sweet Spot Café is a restaurant that offers lots of catering options like buffet menu (minimum 10 people), brunch menu (minimum 10 people) or plated dinner menus (minimum 4 people). The Sweet Spot Café can prepare if you wish a whole plant based dinner: buffet.

catering harbour island
WandaLand Catering

WanadaLand catering is known to introduce their customers to exciting new flavors that are the highlight of the vacation. You get to choose Bahamian delicacies, gourmet cooking, and so much more. The catering service is known for the ‘WANDA ring Basket-A picnic’ basket filled with their selected scrumptious goodies and also comes with beach chairs and towels.

catering harbour island
Briland Soul

Briland Soul conveniently caters dinner parties, wedding receptions and everything in between. They provide genuine Bahamian cuisine & Caribbean fusion presented with a custom service. Whether it’s a beach party or a romantic tropical dinner for two, their unique dishes are sure to make your experience a mouth-watering and unforgettable one.

catering harbour island
Portia’s Kitchen

Portia Curry is a private chef in Harbour island and can cook for you whatever you wish, with her secret bahamian touch, and a huge heart. Nutritious and delicious, really worth the try!

Oh Taste & See

This catering in Harbour Island offers a variety of local and international dishes, always fresh and flavorful, and for a very reasonable price.