Souvenirs in Harbour Island

If you’re looking for a pink conch shell or traditional straw hat to take come from Harbour Island in the Bahamas; Dunmortown’s shops and markets offer a variety of fun, traditional and non traditional high end items to select from.

Traditional images of the Bahamas include pink sand beaches and tropical coconut palms; but there’s so much more to see! Those conch shells can be brought home as a souvenir that you can blow as a horn. The coconut fibers are used to make straw hats and even hand made wallets and bags! All of these custom made items can be brought back in your suitcase to remember your vacation home rental in the Bahamas.

Some of the local shops also make things you won’t see anywhere else the Bahamas. Tucked away in Dunmoretown in the Bahamas, you’ll find authentic Bahamian artifacts and goods. Every item is homemade, with custom Bahamian art at the local galleries, and rum distilled by hand.

Souvenirs in Harbour Island

These are some of the shops and hotels in Harbour Island Bahamas where you can window shop:

  1. Dilly Dally Dunmore St 242.333.3109
  2. Bahamian Shells & Tings Coconut Grove 242.333.2839
  3. Doris Dry Goods Bay St 242.333.2372
  4. A&A Hidden Treasures: 242.448.1556
  5. Dilly Dally 242-333-3109
  6. Sugar Mill Trading Co: 242-333-3558
  7. Miss Maes Fine Things: 242-333-2002
  8. Blue Rooster: 242-333-2240

Harbour Island shopping provides a one of a kind experience. Stop by one of the local shops today to find something beautiful to wear, decorate your home with, or simply something to remember this spectacular island.