Florists in Harbour Island, Bahamas

If you wish to decorate your event with flowers, or simply buy a bouquet of flowers, you wont find a traditional florist in Harbour Island , and the closest will be in Eleuthera. Still, there is a wonderful landscaping and nursery store in Harbour Island that can provide plants arrangements for events but no cut flowers . This nursery is specialized in Hibiscus (a common flowering plant in the Bahamas, known for its bright and colorful blooms) and Orquideas.

They work with a self employed woman from Harbour Island called Lana Barry Cash who can make for you beautiful flower arrangements. (+12425546060)

You can also order your flowers online from stores located in the Bahamas and they will be delivered to you, but we suggest that you place your orders a couple of days before, just to be on the safe side.

And if you have hired a local event planner he will also have his own flowers wholesaler.

Hibiscus Landscaping & Nursery
Hibiscus Landscaping & Nursery
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