Costs of weddings in Harbour Island, Bahamas.

If you plan to organize your wedding ceremony in Harbour Island Bahamas, whether it is simple or very sophisticated, you should expect to pay significantly more in Harbour Island than in the US due to several factors :

– Bahamas has import duty fees from food to basically everything.
– 10% Vat taxes on good and services.
– Shipping and logistics costs for supplies and equipment are high.
– Lack of a strong competitive environment for subcontractors.
– High demand: With the popularity of Harbour island weddings, there is high demand for wedding-related services and suppliers, which can result in higher prices.
– Costs and time involved in permits for non Bahamian residents.
– Scarcity of everything on the island.
– Need of backup plans.

Harbour island is more conducive for smaller and intimate events from 20 to 150 guests. The wedding period and its length, impact the budget significantly, usually it lasts a few days and guests need to be entrained. A small simple “micro wedding” can cost $25,000 up to a few hundred thousands for larger and more luxurious ones.

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