Tips about flying to Eleuthera and getting to Harbour Island

When flying to North Eleuthera we would like to share a few tips that will allow travelers to be by the beach as soon as possible.
Travelers should always select the busiest and closest airport to Harbour Island, North Eleuthera airport also known as ELH.

Commercial planes will carry from 30 to 50 passengers on average, we imperatively suggest that you fill up your immigration documents in the plane when departing and to select seats at the front of the plane.
The North Eleuthera airport is Tiny and a maximum of 2 custom agents are here to inspect your passport.

Travelers should be out of the plane as quickly as possible to avoid having to wait on the tarmac under the heat. Being seated at the front of the plane will let you clear customs in a few minutes, while it may take you up to 30 minutes if you are seated at the back of the plane.