North Eleuthera Airport, Travel to Harbour Island

The North Eleuthera airport is situated in the northern part of Eleuthera it is the busiest airport that accommodates commercial airlines as well as private planes. It is a public airport that has 2 small terminals; one for commercial planes and white crown is the FBO for private planes and charters. Private planes can stay on the tarmac with tie downs, there are no hangars. Associates of the FBO are very professional courteous and will help with a very friendly behavior. Fuel (100ll/ jet A) is available at the airport even if prices are on the high side. The quality of the gas and kerosene obeys to US standards so no worries on that front.

White crown provides a passenger waiting area, it is not the most luxurious nor modern but it serves the purpose,

Both terminals are staffed by Custom and immigration officers of the Bahamas.
The FAA identifier of the Airport is MYEH, the airport has an elevation of 27 feet.
It is a public non-towered airport with one Asphalt runway 7 /25 of 6020 feet . The Runway is not lit, which means that no flights can land here at dusk. The Runway is in decent conditions but do not expect US peferfectly maintained tarmacs. The airport has fire trucks on standby in case of emergency.

The airport communications are: UNICOM 122.8 WX AWOS-2 118.1.
Tel: 242 335 1650
Fax: 242 335 1653