Pets in Harbour Island, Bahamas

Travel with pets in Harbour Island 

Traveling with pets in Harbour island is easy but requests a little bit of preparation for their owners. Those requirements apply to cats and dogs.
The process is straightforward but needs to be completed by their owners, otherwise precious pets will be barred from entry in the Bahamas at the customs.

– Owners will need to get a permit by the Ministry of agriculture in Nassau, it is called an import permit and is valid for 12 months,

– Forms filled up by your veterinarian attesting that your dog is healthy and that its rabies vaccines are up to date.

– The Bahamian processing fee is $10 plus 10% VAT.

Department of Agriculture
Tel: (242) 397-7450/325-7438
Fax: (242) 325-3960

pets harbour island

Tip to travel with your pet

Harbour island is definitely a pet friendly Island which makes dog’s owners super happy. Visitors are just thrilled with the opportunity to travel with them.
Aztec Airlines will let you travel your dog to North Eleuthera.
They share great moments on the beach with their beloved pets, they can go to lunch or dinner with them most people will accept them, such as the Dunmore hotel and restaurant.
Most vacation rental homes accept dogs, owners of those homes often request an additional security deposit to cover any incidents. accepts dogs. Some hotels such as the Coral Sands are pet friendly. Be sure to call your hotel before booking to make sure that you pet is welcome in their premises.

Pets on the beach in Harbour island

Pets are authorized on the beach but they need to be on a leash specifically if they are big dogs. The rule seems to have many exceptions since it is very common to see large dogs without leashes. Those dogs seem to be very friendly, the ones that seem a bit more aggressive are usually on a leash. Owners are liable for their dog’s actions.
Those dogs seem to enjoy this freedom tremendously, they run and even swim in the ocean. Beaches in Harbour island are pretty deserted, the only exception may be in front of the hotel section. Dog owners are quite disciplined in Harbour Island and they do clean up after their dogs.