January 2023

Dockage rates in Harbour Island vary according to season and to marinas.
There are 3 Marinas in Harbour Island namely Valentine, Romora Bay, and Brilland Marina, each marina has its rates and rates are not published on their website.
Marina usually use yield revenue management to optimize their revenues, rates will be higher during peak season and will be way cheaper during low season. High season for the boating dockage is from End of November to End of April. May June and July are mid-season, 4th of July is super premium. From July 8th to November 20th it is the low season.

Basic Rate is usually divided in different parts:
A price per feet on dockage
A price based on electricity usage
A price based on water consumption

The price per foot can be negotiated. Your talent may help you in this endeavor, negotiating in high season may prove very difficult.

dockage rates harbour island
dockage rates harbour island
dockage rates harbour island

Here a few price indication following up our phone calls:
Refused to provide rates over the phone, but it is for sure the most expensive.
Romara Bay:
Daily Dockage: $5 per foot
Weekly Dockage: $4 per foot
Monthly Dockage: $3 per foot
Water: $0.35 cent/gallon
Electricity: $0.75/KW