Tours and Excursions in Harbour Island

While there is plenty to see and do on the island itself, visitors can also explore the surrounding waters and nearby islands to make the most of their time in the Bahamas. There are a variety of tours and excursions available, including snorkeling and scuba diving trips, boat tours of the area’s many islands, and opportunities to swim with turtles and other marine life. Visitors can also take guided tours of the island to learn more about its rich history and culture, or visit nearby nature reserves.

Here are our recommendations for tours and excursions to help you plan your visit of Harbour Island Bahamas.

Conch and Coconut
Dunmore Street et South Street, Dunmore Town, Bahamas
+1 (242) 805-2626 or +1 (888) 994-9494

Valentine’s Dive Center:
Bay Street, Harbour Island, Bahamas

Captain Kid Tour
14th street, Spanish Wells, Bahamas

Pig Beach Bahamas Tours
Dunmore Street, Dunmore, Bahamas
+1 242-422-9999

Eleuthera Sailing Adventures
Harbour Island, The Bahamas
+1.305.432.2331 (US Skype)
​+1.242.475.3741 (WhatsApp and Bahamas mobile)

Uncle Rob’s great adventure
2nd st, Spanish Wells, Bahamas
+1 242-557-7655

Bahamas Ocean Safaris
12th st Spanish Wells, Bahamas
+1 242-470-1930