Wedding venues in Harbour Island, Bahamas

A few hotels have specialized in organizing events and weddings. It is a way for them to generate additional revenues and to rent the whole hotel to the same party.

Hotels in Harbour Island are boutique hotels with on average 30 rooms, they have been built in compound style and are spread out throughout parcels of approximately 5 acres. Those hotels have several areas within locations where they will be able to hold several small events as part of the wedding, either restaurants, or bars and lounges.

The main event of the wedding is being held on the beach with large tents that are erected to that effect. Those tents are large, luxurious and very well equipped, they of course have large AC units and they offer unbeatable views.

Those hotels don’t have ballrooms as you may find in the US and this is not what people are looking for. Traditionally event planners are organizing events or dinners or activities in different spots, restaurants or hotels to bring a diversified and romantic experience.

Ocean View Club harbour island
Ocean View Club

The Ocean View Club is a premier wedding venue in Dunmore Town, with stunning surroundings that makes this boutique hotel the perfect location for an unforgettable wedding.

coral sands harbour island
Coral Sands

Coral Sands is a beautiful place to get married. A world class team of special event experts will make your wedding day the most exquisite day of your life.

pink sands harbour island
Pink Sands

The Pink Sands Hotel offers a variety of wedding packages in addition to the option of creating your own custom experience.

the other side harbour island
The Other Side

The Other Side is a beautiful high-design “Glamping” Site . While events on the pink sand beach have an 11 pm curfew, this hotel is situated just across the water from Harbour Island, along a small secluded beach, so that you can party until damn.

la palmeraie villas events harbour island
La Palmeraie Villas

The 3 La Palmeraie Villas are very well suited for special occasions such as weddings. Unforgettable ceremonies can take place right on the Pink Sand beach, facing the ocean .
Local caterers and chefs can cook modern international cuisine as well as authentic bahamian dishes. Beautiful and tropical floral arrangements can be prepared by highly skilled florists.