Architectural visit of Harbour island

Harbour island has a rich history for such a small island and it is one of the main attractions of the island. The government was extremely successful in preserving the DNA of Harbour Island. There is a strong history that dates back from the 17th and 18 th century with the typical pastel painted New England style housing. Refer to our history article to get a full understanding of the architectural character of houses in Harbour island. By 1717 the settlement officially surrendered to the British crown.

The oldest house on the island is called ” The Loyalist” and was built in 1797. Walking on Bay street, your eyes will be flattered house after house with their bahamian typical pastel colors. Those houses are wood frame and definitely historic (250 years old) and have been wonderfully renovated to maintain their incredible character.
Taking 60 to 90 minutes to wander in those narrow streets specifically if you like photography will make up your day, it is a pure delight for your eyes.