Visitors come to Harbour island first and foremost to enjoy its breathtaking pink sand beaches. They enjoy the privacy of this quaint elegant village historic town. Dunmore town has probably not changed much for the past 60 years and this is what visitors appreciate in the island. Owners of vacation homes attempted to preserve Harbour island’s incredible cachet by tastefully renovating older historic homes.

Owners that have invested in Harbour island for the past 60 years have attempted to maintain local character by building bahamian style homes. A large number of those homes have been designed keeping in mind the willingness to blend in with other homes on the island, using wood siding, adding bahamian type chimneys. Other owners have their own styles and prefer to build homes with an asia flair or ultra modern homes. Modern homes are quite rare in Harbour island.

Renters have the choice to select modern homes, contemporary design or rustic bahamian homes. They will need to ask their agents either to complete this search for them or simply to browse photo galleries on the net.