In the vacation rental industry there are not really standard contracts, owners and their advisors determine their terms. Some rental agencies or websites may require owners to use their own contracts. Harbour Island is a small island by most standards where there is more demand than supply in vacation homes, so owners dictate the terms that they feel comfortable with. Real estate is very expensive and they want to protect their investments. Tourists tend to book their rentals months in advance, sometimes years in advance.

Before signing a contract, renters should just read it carefully to make sure that they understand the terms. We suggest that potential renters should look at unbiased customer reviews to make sure that they will rent a quality house. Harbour Island is a small island where owners usually take their business professionally and take pride in having satisfied clients.
Harbour Island is a small island in the Bahamas, the logistics are complicated and renters should take precautions by selecting a professional company. Renting a newer home would probably bring less problems than a 50 year old house.