Some guests will require a full serviced house, some others will prefer just to rent a simple house. Evidently the more expensive is the house and the most service could be expected.
Simple houses will just deliver a clean house and owners will expect to receive the rented house in the same condition. Houses that are in the middle range will provide daily cleaning service, where cleaning staff will spend a couple of hours daily to tidy up the house. They usually have an off site property manager.

Luxury home rentals in Harbour Island come with a full staff that include, through daily cleaning, pool and beach attendants, on site property managers, maintenance team that will attend all equipment in the house. Certain high end homes will throw chefs, serving staff and even butlers or concierge. For this level of homes it is suggested to call the owner or the manager of the house to ask for a detailed description of what is provided. Should renters desire even more services they should present their request far in advance, Harbour island is a very busy island.