Horseback riding in Harbour Island

Horseback riding in the Bahamas is truly special; and every one should visit it, try it at least once! Riding such a majestic animal is not only fun, it’s spectacular! Imagine riding your horse in the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean; galloping along the beach with a serene sunset in the background. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience. If you are a novice rider, you must follow all the instructions given by the guide. You will be taught to handle and ride the horse with a collective guided group.

If you are a more experienced rider; you can do whatever you want. The trail options are also limitless. If you want to see the interior of the island from the hill; you can explore through hidden paths lined with palm trees. If you want to see the most exceptional sunset in all of the Bahamas; enjoy a sunset walk on Pink Sands beach in the Bahamas.

Horseback Riding Harbour Island

B’s Horseback Riding is an excellent option for your excursions with friends and family. They not only provide all the training you will need; but they offer private classes for beginners. Contact: 1 242-359-7759.

Horseback riding in the Bahamas is a fun and informal way to introduce yourself to the country.