Tennis in Harbour Island

Tennis is the most enjoyable experienced by all ages! Tennis is not only a popular sport in London (Wimbledon); but its internationally recognized as one of the greatest sports of all time. If you are looking for a pastime with great health benefits and is simply fun; come see the world class courts of Harbour Island in the Bahamas.

When looking for the perfect court, a true tennis aficionado will know well what type of court he or she likes to play on. From grass courts to clay courts, hard courts to perfectly manicured surroundings; the tennis courts of Harbour Island are wide and varied. No matter what the court; Harbour Islands hotels and resorts in the Bahamas probably have what you’re looking for.

It is highly recommended to make a reservation for your game time; as the number of courts are few compared to the amount of tourists wanting to play a game at any given time. If your Harbour Island resort rental does not come with Tennis courts; you may be able to ask one of the neighboring properties if you can use or rent their court for an extended period of time.

Vacation home rentals in the Bahamas rarely come with their own private tennis courts. And so, if this is your situation, may we recommend where you can play for a small fee or free…

  1. The Coral Sands Hotel – 242-333-2320
  2. Romora Bay Club – 242-333-2325
  3. Pink Sands – 242-333-2030
Tennis in Harbour Island

When you poll all of the Bahamian Islands hotels and resorts, you will discover that tennis is a rather popular sport! With over 150 tennis courts throughout the islands; most are located on resort properties, and allow guests to play for free. If it is not free, you may have to pay a small fee to use the courts for an extended period of time. There is also a small smattering of public courses, but finding them is a game of luck.

Even though some Harbour Island resorts in the Bahamas offer tennis courts for their guests for free during the day, they will often charge to light the courts at night. Your best option is to get in a game during daylight hours; but closer to the early morning.

Some of the larger Harbour Island Bahamas hotels have private tennis courts with on-site pro shops. Instructors are available to help perfect your game.