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Bonefishing is a type of fishing that flourishes in Eleuthera, indeed it is one of the biggest attractions for fishing aficionados. It is also known as saltwater fly fishing .

Bonefishing is clearly the most preferred fishing mode in Eleuthera.  Eleuthera has plenty of shallow waters where bonefishes like to wander, it is a real sport that requires definite techniques and expertise. Bonefishing requires the help and assistance of bonefishing guides. If you are a novice or an expert you will love bonefishing as long as you like fishing. 

Eleuthera is the Mecca for bonefishing for several reasons:

– The abundance of Bonefishes

– The beauty of its beaches and waters

– Its incredible weather throughout the year

– Easy access and frequent flights from the US

– The professionalism of it guides, they are renowned to be the best in the world

Bonefishing in Harbour Island, Eleuthera, Spanish Wells

Bonefish like the warm waters this is why they like to stay in shallow waters and flats. Hence this is where anglers need to look for them. Anglers can fish from either from a flat bottom boat in shallow waters,  It is not uncommon to see anglers fishing from canoes and Kayaks. 

This type of fishing is definitely challenging, especially if it is your first time.  The best bone fishermen know where to find them, they understand their mannerism, they can identify their location in the water and know how to pursue and ultimately catch them.


If you wonder what is the best bait or lure to catch a Bonefish, here is what you should know…

Live shrimp is the bait of choice for Anglers, cut shrimps or conchs or crabs do the job too

Skimmer Jigs are flat with a tip shaped as a circle, they do attract Bonefish. 


Eleuthera has the best bonefish guides in the world and you should take advantage of them to enjoy an unforgettable experience. They  provide transportation to the best spots, rods, baits and lures.

They can also help you with the regulation : All persons over the age of 12 are required to have a license to fish. Fish licenses are issued by the Department of Marine Resources in New Providence, or the Out Island Administrators in the Out Islands. The cost of a Bahamas fishing license varies depending on what permits you need. Day fishing permits start at around $15 and move up to $60 if you need an annual license.