Fishing in Harbour Island

Bahamas offers the best fishing in the world. The ultimate time to fish is from May to september.  Eleuthera and Harbour Island see a lot of fishermen coming from the south eastern coast of the US to enjoy the wonderful bahamian fishing.  

Visitors enjoy every kind of fishing from deep sea fishing, Bone fishing, reef fishing or spearfishing.

Fishing is a regulated activity in Eleuthera and in The Bahamas, it is also strictly enforced. All non Bahamian citizens need to obtain a fishing permit if they don’t operate on a Bahamian boat. Visitors that get to The Bahamas by boat should clear customs at a port of entry and obtain a fishing permit at this time.

Vessels are allowed to fish a maximum of 60 pounds at any point in time. There is a detailed description of kinds and number of fish or seafood that are allowed and limitations, ie: no turtles, no grouper of less than 3 pounds.

All billfish must be returned to the ocean unharmed.

No traps or nets are allowed. Spear fishing is allowed only with a permit, 200 yards at least from coat, only with a sling type of device and without the assistance of an air producing device. A boat is limited to only 6 rods being used at the same time. Approved fishing tournaments have a different set of rules.

For more information, contact:

Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources Out Island Traders Building

East Bay St.

P.O Box N 3040 Nassaya, N.P, The Bahamas


Tel. (242) 397-7000

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Fishing in Harbour Island, Eleuthera and Spanish Wells