Paddle Boarding in Harbour Island

Paddle Boarding, or SUP as most call it; is one of the most relaxing, physically enjoyable workouts you will ever experience. It is not as easy as it looks .

Paddle board is one of the most enjoyable sports in Harbour island BahamasThe beginner will undoubtedly find the learning a little frustrating, someone with balance should start having fun after 30 minutes. 

The pink sand beaches and the wonderful turquoise water will make the learning  enjoyable. 

Visitors can practice on the beach side and the bay side. Walking or swimming on the beach side, shades of darker brown will indicate the presence of reefs that are visible, some are deep others are shallow.  Practitioners should stay away from the shallow ones, in case of a fall they could injure themselves . Reefs are located on average at 100  feet of shore. In case of high winds and wavy conditions it is recommended to practice on the bay side.

Hotels on the beach such as the Coral Sands or similar luxury hotels will lend guests paddle boards.  Luxury vacations rentals such as Palmeraiebahamas located right on the beach will also lend paddleboards to guests.

Paddle Boarding in Harbour Island

Places to try your hand at Paddle Boarding in Harbour Island in the Bahamas include:

  1. Michael Cycles – 242 464-0994
  2. Valentine’s Dive Center and SUP -242 333-2080
  3. Harbour Water Adventures 800 224-2627

SUP boards usually rent for $15.00 per hour, with private lessons and tours ranging from $50.00-150.00 for half and full days. Harbour Island Bahamas Paddleboard Rentals are readily available for your enjoyment.