Snorkeling in Harbour Island

Snorkeling is a popular activity in Eleuthera and is often done with swimming goggles, a snorkeling tube, and fins. Eleuthera is blessed with wonderful clear waters which are surrounded by lively reefs, filled with wildlife and great for snorkeling. Vacationers, young and old, will absolutely enjoy snorkeling. It’s a delight for all ages and all senses. Shallow snorkeling “dives” offer great visibility and are a great perspective into the rich marine life that surrounds the Bahamas.

Most of the eastern and western sides of Eleuthera and Harbour Island are surrounded with reefs or cliffs that travelers will be thrilled to explore while snorkeling. 

If snorkeling is an activity that you like, we suggest that you bring your snorkeling equipment along with you from home. There are few stores that offer renting or selling snorkeling gear in Eleuthera. If you’re lucky, the hotel you are staying at may be in the position to lend you snorkeling equipment. 

Vacationers can snorkel directly from the beach or from a boat. There are many boat snorkeling opportunities and professional snorkeling companies to choose from.

Oftentimes, snorkeling is offered as part of a scuba diving boat trip or as a full snorkeling expedition. Excursions companies will often charge you for the boat trip and for the rental separately.

The list of things to see in Eleuthera while snorkeling is rather long. For exemple :

Shallow wrecks: Some wrecks are sufficiently shallow to allow a comfortable exploration from the surface or by plunging at a 10 feet depth or so.

Reefs explorations: Snorkelers find it very easy to explore reefs in Eleuthera  and  Harbour Island, they are numerous, everywhere, they are shallow and within close distance from shore or the beach. From the beach visitors will clearly see the change of color and therefore will be able to identify the exact position of those reefs.

Cave snorkeling: It is mostly practiced in Eleuthera at the bottom of its numerous cliffs.

Spear fishingAdept of this sport will find their paradise, they need to do so with the adequate equipment while respecting all Bahamian regulations and at the right season.

Swim with turtles: Turtles are present everywhere so it is not rare to watch them graciously move in the clear water. Some areas such as in the Northern part of Eleuthera are known to be a turtle habitat; boaters will just observe them from their vessel, feed them or go and swim or snorkel with them. The best location to spot them is at the  Bottom of  Harbour Beach.


Here are some of the best companies in Harbour Island for snorkeling:

Valentine’s Dive Center: This is the most popular diving center located in Dunmore Town, Harbour Island. This diving center sells and offers diving and snorkeling equipment for rent. Moreover, they are offering all types and grades of instruction, diving tips, and certifications. You can contact them at 242-333-2080.

Eleuthera Sailing Adventures: Eleuthera Sailing Adventure company offers many water sports ranging from snorkeling, diving, beachcombing, etc. The boat leaves from Harbour Island. They have a classic yacht with a capacity of up to 12 people. So do not worry about leaving your friend behind. For more information, contact them at 242.475.3741.

Ocean Fox Diving and Deep-sea Fishing Center: It is a deep-sea fishing center located in Dunmore Town, Harbour Island. Ocean Fox diving and snorkeling offers excursions and fishing trips with a well-trained crew and captain. They ensure your safety and security. For more information, you can contact them at 242-333-2323.

Scuba diving and Snorkeling are underwater sports that require courage as well as a well-trained guide. The companies mentioned above are trustworthy and provide the best tools and services.