Feed Turtles

Feeding turtles is a unique and unforgettable experience that you can have nearby Harbour Island in the Bahamas. The island is home to a variety of turtle species, including the endangered Hawksbill and Green turtles.

Good guides usually have their secret and special spots where these magnificent wild creatures will come right up to you, and take food from your hand.

But one of the best places to feed these majestic creatures is at the popular dive site, Current Cut, Eleuthera. Here, you can snorkel or dive with a guide and get up close and personal with the turtles as you feed them their favorite treats, such as squids or jellyfish. This is an amazing opportunity to learn about these fascinating creatures and observe them in their natural habitat. Not to tell about the great videos and family group photos that you will get !
Just be sure to follow the guidelines provided by your guide and the local conservation authorities to ensure that you do not harm the turtles or disrupt their habitat.

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