Glass Window Bridge

Glass Window Bridge in Eleuthera is a natural wonder and a popular attraction that is worth seeing to experience the natural beauty and wonder of the Bahamas.

The Glass Window Bridge is a narrow strip of land that connects Eleuthera’s northern and southern sections, and separates the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean from the calm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. The bridge is actually a natural rock formation that was eroded by the sea over time, leaving a thin strip of land that connects the northern and southern parts of the island.

The bridge is also a great spot for fishing and watching the sunrise or sunset.

For visitors staying in Harbour Island, day trips to Glass Window Bridge can be easily arranged by boat. Visitors can enjoy the scenic boat ride from Harbour Island to Eleuthera, and then make their way to the bridge by car or taxi. Along the way, visitors can stop to explore the local towns and beaches, such as Gregory Town or Surfer’s Beach, and enjoy some of the local food and culture.